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Austin Drought Tolerant Landscaping

An intelligent Austin drought tolerant landscaping design and installation service is the perfect resource for breathing new life into your outdoor space. If you’re noticing that there is no rhyme or reason to your lawn and landscape — or you’ve suffered through the same design and problems for over a decade, Anderson Landscapes is ready to overhaul your space.

We specialize in Austin drought tolerant landscape design and installation. Through xeriscaping, we are able to develop and landscape for you that will thrive even in the dry, arid climate that is so common to this local area.

When you’re working with a group of professionals for drought landscaping design in Austin TX, it’s important that you join forces with a team that knows about the local climate and how to manage a vibrant landscape within it. You get that knowledge and experience when you work with Anderson for drought tolerant landscaping in Austin TX.

Let’s explore xeriscaping for your property

When it comes to drought tolerant landscape design in Austin TX, you can still allow yourself to be creative. There are many different elements you can incorporate in this type of landscape, including.

  • Drought-resistant plants. There are a lot of them, and we can show you all of your options for plants that would look great in your Austin drought landscaping design. Not all plants need to be completely drought resistant, either.
  • Irrigation solutions. Through a drip system, for example, you are effectively able to deliver whatever little bit of water your plants need directly to the root system.
  • Our Austin drought tolerant landscaping can help you utilize various types of hardscapes to brush up the look of your property while making it functional and useable.

You can go in many different directions with your Austin drought tolerant landscape design, and we want to help you take that journey.

Connect with Anderson Landscapes and consult with one of our team members. We’re ready to show you what we can do with our Austin drought tolerant landscaping expertise.

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