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Austin Xeriscaping Landscaping Design

As one of the leading Austin xeriscaping landscaping companies, Anderson Landscapes can bring this highly effective approach to your residential or commercial property. Xeriscaping is a landscaping concept that has exploded in popularity throughout the Southwest, where residents and commercial property managers must endure dry, arid climate.

Our highly experienced and skilled staff can help you explore aesthetically-pleasing Austin xeriscaping design ideas that will leave you with an outdoor space that will thrive in the harsh local climates. The benefits of xeriscaping include:

  • Water preservation: This is one of the most obvious benefits that come with xeriscaping design ideas in Austin TX. By using water efficient landscaping elements, your property can remain bautiful while saving you money on your water bill and staying in compliance with local water restrictions.
  • Minimal maintenance: As one of the premier xeriscaping landscaping companies in Austin TX, Anderson Landscapes will make sure that you are left with a concept that will require minimal maintenance — just some trimming and weeding every now and then.
  • Harnessing the natural beauty of the local climate: As your choice in Austin xeriscaping landscaping companies, Anderson Landscapes wants to make sure that your property is sustainable and meshes well with your surrounding environment. We are able to develop creative design concepts that allow you to harness the natural beauty of the Austin area instead of making your landscape look manufactured.

We’d love to talk to you about any Austin xeriscaping design ideas you might have and even provide you with some input of our own.

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As one of the leading Austin xeriscaping landscaping companies, Anderson Landscapes wants to help you achieve the vision you had for your property while solving complex problems on your property. Get started now by scheduling a consultation appointment with one of our xeriscaping experts.

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