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Father’s Day Message because you’re more than just landscape to us.

Most are fathers. Some are single mothers. Some are grandparents, adult siblings or other family members who stepped up to the world’s largest task,DAD. Whoever it is, there’s a distinct person in your life who resonates the fatherly strength, boundaries and calm steady fortitude that most of us think about when we picture the “perfect Leave it to Beaver delivery style” fatherly life lessons and disciplines which we are presented with and that we all needed to obtain for a successful happy existence. A daunting parenting skill that one day we hope we can simulate well enough to also create good human beings. Father’s day and Mother’s day for that matter, are not about giving elaborate gifts to us adults necessarily.  What they are is a great opportunity to do the little things big.  Maybe you are an #Austin family who follows our blog, instagram or facebook and you’re still saving up for the projects that are worth the fairly substantial investment that quality costs like an #outdoorkitchen or #outdoorliving space? This blog is for you.  This one isn’t about a promotion for anything more than quality time with the ones you love this Sunday.  Take time to look at those old pictures that make you all laugh and smile. You know the ones that were actually printed or barely digital, where someone had horrible hair or someone was in a diaper shirtless. Play a game of charades where you all create the objects to be guessed based upon family inside jokes or favorite vacation spots. Set family goals together and make a time capsule video for next year.  Kids, your father won’t always be here.  You are his legacy so instead of only asking questions that answer your immediate need questions like, how do I check my tire pressure?  This father’s day find out what makes him who he really is by asking questions that are fun to find out the answers to, like…Dad, you have a picture of you and some friend in Arizona in a car in your desk drawer from 72. That picture looks like a fun time. Tell me about it? I promise the gift this father’s day will be mutual if you actually do a couple of these things. #Austin neighbors, you’re more than just landscape to us.

-Blog tribute to the best men ever, Phillip Anderson,Chris Anderson & John Flye


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