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Lago Vista Landscaping Service

Residential Landscaping Company

Bring beauty, functionality and sustainability to your residential or commercial property by working with the Lago Vista landscaping service staff at Anderson Landscapes. We have decades of combined experience on our staff, in addition to the wide scope of capabilities needed to bring any of a wide variety of special features to your property.

Anderson Landscapes has worked with a long list of residential and commercial clients, providing landscaping in Lago Vista TX that has transformed these outdoor spaces. With Anderson Landscapes, we let our clients think big. Our skilled designers are able to help you implement such features as:

  • Masonry and hardscape projects: Patios, stone retaining walls, beautiful pool decks — adding hardscapes to your property brings a refreshing change in dynamic and adds the look of beautiful natural stone or brick to your property.
  • Water features: Our Lago Vista landscape design team can bring the tranquil sights and sounds of water to your property. Installed by our experienced plumbing professionals, you can bring everything from a small fountain to a large Koi pond to your property.
  • Construction projects: This is a crucial element when it comes to creating properties that are functional and expand the living space of your home or commercial building. Our Lago Vista landscaping service staff has experienced builders that can custom create decks, arbors, gazebos and other structures, made from quality wood that will last.

The list goes on from there, including the traditional softscapes and other landscaping elements that are found on most properties. With our experienced design professionals, you are able to create landscaping in Lago Vista TX that is unique to the needs and preferences of our clients.

Talk to our Lago Vista landscaping service staff, and let’s get to work making your vision come to life. We’re standing by to hear from you!

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