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Landscaping Adds Value to Your Property

Landscaping can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your property. It is one of the few home improvements. Let’s face it. We have all watched one of those amazing real estate flip shows where they take the ugly duckling house on the block and rip it down to the studs on the inside and make it a masterpiece. We have also seen the same show where they haven’t had the budget to revamp the front landscaping and the show ends with the caption that the home owners are still fielding offers on this flip. There is a reason. It’s the same reason you don’t walk into a restaurant when the lights are off and the parking lot is empty. It’s because it’s not showing any potential from the drive by that it could possibly be 100% what you want. Why? Because you are looking to buy the entire property, curb to back fence. You aren’t just going to live in the house. You will pull up to the house day after day. You will walk your kids out that front door and across the street to play with friends. Every detail is important to you when you buy a home. On average in Austin in 2017 homes 15 years old or greater saw their homes sell 20% hirer with “quality” landscape updates. By quality we mean key elements that will hold up and resell the home like a permanent covered stone outdoor kitchen or a modified xeriscape waterwise landscape conversion. In many cases these elements add living space to the property. They are additional locations within the property that residents seek out to enjoy their lives in our beautiful Austin weather.

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