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Retaining Walls

Project Info

This modern Austin Luxury Home had a pool being built but after several contractors had been interviewed the home owner and his staff could not find the right company and contractor to build the perfect retaining wall solution to meld with the architects design of the property and yet also actually hold up the weight of a negative edge pool’s potential shifting weight over hanging Lake Travis all while not interfering with the lake or the boat dock below per LCRA guidelines. .



Luxury Home Owner

Project Value



Austin, TX




Project Description

Stunning Luxury Home that was later featured on Extreme Modern Homes, hit a huge stumbling block while building their negative edge pool because they ran out of real estate. We were able to build a retaining wall to stabilize their cliff and allow the project to proceed much to the home owners pleasure.

This was no easy task utilizing only hand hauled materials while rappelling off the side of the cliff and yet we were not about to cut corners to sacrifice true quality.  That is where most companies throw up their hands and say it can’t be done. There’s our difference. Some say it can’t be done and or won’t do it because they can’t use fancy equipment that allows for quick fast maneuvering. Our masons have decades of experience utilizing not only the latest techniques but also use ancient techniques so it doesn’t scare us to do things the right way  when it happens to take time and cautious effort.

Project Challenges


This project has been the toughest access to date but worth concurring. Working on an 85 to 95 % sloping cliff side just isn’t easy. Our team needed to break whenever needed to prevent injuries. It was a slow but steady build mentality. Everyone had to lookout for one another at all times. Other than hanging off the literal edge of one of Lake Travis’s cliffs while building walls this was a great experience working for a wonderful client, amongst his builder teams and architect. One challenge was plenty for this project.

Project Result


Seeing is believing. The negative edge pool was able to be finished.  We were able to not only shore up the cliff and pool but build the accenting planters that completed the design.  The home owner was so pleased that we were again contracted to work on other areas on this property besides just the retaining wall. The architect also then referred us to work on other projects he was in the build out phase of in Austin.

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