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Round Rock New Home Landscaping

So you’re either new to the area and bought a new home in one of the fastest growing areas in Texas or you decided to move further out from the city for a little larger lot and a newer home design.  Congratulations! Now you’re in your new home and it’s gorgeous and smells fresh and feels great but it’s missing a mature landscape because, well, it’s new and in a new development area.  It is what it is.  You take the good with the not so good in most cases but you are probably already in a positive equity position or made enough to do a proper landscape on your new home.  Don’t waste it on annuals or amateurs.  We’ve been doing this for nearly two decades and frankly there are some trees that shouldn’t be sold in our area but are.  They just aren’t meant for our climate zone. There are beautiful annual color plants that look lovely in containers but will die at the end of the season and never come back, that you should not spend good money on as part of your core landscape plan.  These are common mistakes that “chuck in a truck” who landscapes as a weekend hobby/second job will make every time.  We are going to consult with you about your goals for today and for ten years from now.  We will design and construct your landscape knowing that in this area we will have droughts and we will also have floods.  We will select trees that will give you shade as quickly as possible but not ruin your foundation.  We will select perennial plants that will withstand our heat and our winter and surprise you with color at various times of year.  Round Rock is a beautiful place to live and we hope that you choose to accentuate it’s beauty by choosing us to help finish your new homes landscape when the time is right.

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