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RoundRock Xeriscape

Xeriscape / Low Maintenance Low Water Usage / Xeriscaping:
Xeriscape landscaping is landscaping designed specifically for areas that are susceptible to drought, or for properties where water conservation is practiced. Derived from the Greek xeros meaning dry, the term xeriscape means literally dry landscape.

Austin landscapers have rarely visited this option with clients until the last few  year’s  of intolerable droughts and mandatory water restrictions.  Anderson Landscape however is not new to this avenue of landscaping  and recommends it frequently to those who are more conscience of maintenance time and water usage on their properties.

Xeriscape landscaping does not limit you to desert plants.  Rather, a xeriscape landscaping plan is to use plants and hardscapes that help to conserve water, such as grouping plants with similar water requirements together and creating visually appealing hardscape features to eliminate high water usage and maintenance grass areas.

Selecting plants that do not require more water than natural rainfall or runoff can provide is the first step to designing a xeriscape, which makes native plants the most obvious choice.

Watering methods are extremely important as well.  A drip system that allows water to travel to the root system of the plant without having to travel through the air is best because it lowers the evaporation rate caused by the hot, dry sun. A considerable amount of water is wasted using sprinkler systems, due to evaporation, so it is important to consider watering methods and choose the best ways to conserve water. The time of day when plants are watered is another factor. The greatest water loss occurs during the hottest part of the day, when the temperatures are at their peak. Watering should not be done midday, instead opt for morning and evening. The implementation of custom rock and gravel to replace standard grass and other ground cover also helps to minimize water usage and is an integral part of xeriscaping

Austin Landscaping is becoming an increasingly more and more challenging environment to contend with. With watering restrictions, droughts and extreme heat becoming more and more common, choosing the right plant pallete is very important. The first step in the landscape process is to discuss and blend your individual style and taste with our climate and soil conditions into a landscape design. We have various plant palletes that we use on a constistent basis to ensure your gardens success. We are capable of designing a variety of garden styles. Some styles of gardens that are common in this area are Xeriscape, native perennials and evergreens, and tropical styles in some settings. Austin Landscapes are also challenging because many of the areas have large populations of deer. Our landscape designs will take all these factors into consideration when constructing your garden plant pallete

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