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Anderson Landscapes specializes in providing professional hydroseeding solutions. We have blends for both summer and winter. We do provide this service for both the residential and commercial sectors. Let us help you get the turf you deserve. Native grasses and wildflowers are also a nice alternative if you’re looking for a different affect.

More Information on Hydromulch:
The benefits of hydromulching to nature are well recorderd. Hydromulching is a technique widely used in southern climates as ours where both erosion prevention and grass protection from the heating sun are important.

For quickly establishing a lawn to a new property hydromulching is highly recommended as it brings the most immediate results. Typical hydromulch costs range between 2 and 17 cents per square foot.

Please contact us for a thorough evaluation of your yard and planning the best lawn solution and techniques to your landscape.

Maintenance of newly hydroseeded lawn:

Watering Practices
– Once the newly hydroseeded lawn has set for 24 hours, it is time for watering. Depending on temperatures, watering should takeplace in the morning, late afternoon or early evening hours. Keep your mulch bed moist, but don’t over water. If you see puddling, stop watering. Once you start watering it is important to continue, especially when temperatures are in the 80’s or higher. Lack of watering can cause the seed to dry up and expire. In the spring and fall, when temperatures are more favorable and we have cooler evenings, one good watering per day is usually all that is needed. Be careful not to over water during these periods. This can also cause seed damage. Keep your mulch wet; don’t let it dry out for periods longer than 24 hours!

When to Mow
– Once your grass is approximately 2 to 2.5 inches high, it is time for its first mowing. Make sure your mower blades are sharp. Dull blades can tear the new blade of grass. This can cause stress or disease resulting in death to the new plant. When mowing, make sure you never take more than 1/4 inch off the new blade of grass, and don’t collect the clippings! Let them biodegrade within the new turf. This helps feed the soil and plant while accelerating plant development. After your second mowing, the lawn should be almost completely filled in, and sod-like results should be achieved.

When to Fertilize
– The plant will use the fertilizer applied at installation in 4 to 5 weeks. At this time you’ll need to fertilize once again. Depending on the time of year, fertilization requirements will vary. We recommend asking a reputable nursery or seed center in your area for proper fertilization specifications. Make sure you know the seed variety used for your lawn when buying fertilizer for re-application. Different varieties of grass need different types of fertilization!

– Your new lawn is still in its infancy. Just because your lawn looks fully established, doesn’t mean you can stop watering or change your mowing practices! It takes many months before your lawn is ready for the stress of hot summers, and cold winters. Choosing the right fertilizers, keeping your mower blades sharp, proper watering practices, and changing the heights of mowing throughout the year, should guarantee you a healthy and beautiful lawn!

Key Benefits of Service

Experienced guidance on your investment! The single largest factors in the cost of your new Austin landscaping design & installation are the size of your property, the access available for materials and also what is the type of materials selected. We want your landscape to look better year after year as it matures and it will with our guidance!

  • Decades of Austin Landscaping Experience
  • Degreed Professionals at the helm
  • Quality is our first priority
  • Confidentiality of our clients is always respected

Landscape Design Available Credits

A landscape design is not always needed on smaller projects where there isn’t ambiguity like a simple covered square patio with beds on 2 ends and a grill station on the 3rd. However, on large full scale projects with various elements in a variety of elevations and locations where walk ways and spacing is questioned, a landscape design is very valuable. It gives homeowners peace of mind to know exactly what the contractors are doing. It allows the landscaping contractor to work faster because everyone knows where we are going together. Anderson Landscape offers a 50% design credit back to our customers who purchased a 3D design upon completion of installation by Anderson Landscape.

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