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Here at Anderson Landscapes we have a talented crew of masons on staff. All of our masons have a minimum of 4 yrs experience. Two of them have over 20 yrs of skills. Hardscapes can encompass anything from outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, firepits, fireplaces, flagstone patios  to custom and regular concrete work. No matter what it may be that you need you can feel assured that we can get it done.

We also handle all concrete construction. Concrete Acid staining, stamping, etching and scoring are also available if needed.

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Outdoor Kitchens:

Outdoor kitchens have become our specialty here in Austin. Barbecue grills encompassed in stone with stainless steel sinks sunken into granite countertops are the norm these days. Add a flat panel into the wall next to the fireplace and enclose the patio with stone walls and Spanish style doors and windows for more effect. The possibilities are limitless with stone and masonry construction .


If you looking to keep your outside masonry feature more on the simple side then you might be interested in firepit structures.Firepits are a neat, simple and a cost effective option for gathering places outside. These can be constructed with pavers, natural stone or concrete with some type of stain or other overlay. Add Stone bench seating around the parameter to sit and visit with friends and family while enjoying the warmth and glow of the fire pit. This is one of our most favorite and popular landscape options

Retaining Walls:

With all the slopes in the hill country retaining walls are a must. Retaining walls can increase the usable surface of your property by tierring or terracing. Retaining walls can be constructed with natural materials such as boulders or chopped stone. They can be constructed with the dry stack method or mortared depending on the height and load bearing weight. Most retaining walls are constructed with masonry joints for strength. Proper drainage is also an important element of a good retaining wall. If there is water that can back up behind the wall then it has to be diverted through a series of pipes and gravel catch basins. Weep holes are good but if there is any chance that a large amount of moisture could build up behind the wall and it is of significant height then proper drainage should be addressed.


Flagstone patios are the most popular option that we offer. They are constructed in a couple of different ways, both depending on type of sub base and budget. The most expensive type of flagstone patio construction is to put a concrete base with steel reinforcement. The flagstone is then layed on top in a two step process and mortared in. A cheaper method of flagstone patio construction is to put a crushed limestone base at a minimum thickness and then to wet set the flagstones in masonry. This method of flagstone construction is best suited for rocky areas where expansive soils don’t have a big impact. In Austin Texas this means that a majority of the area is suitable for this type of construction. However, it is always best to put the concrete base below the flagstone. It is more durable, doesn’t shift as much and can handle more weight. It will last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a qualified landscape contractor in Austin Texas or the surrounding area please feel free to give us a call. This is our passion and we’ll do our best to make sure we give you the biggest bang for the buck.

Key Benefits of Service

Experienced guidance on your investment! The single largest factors in the cost of your new Austin landscaping design & installation are the size of your property, the access available for materials and also what is the type of materials selected. We want your landscape to look better year after year as it matures and it will with our guidance!

  • Decades of Austin Landscaping Experience
  • Degreed Professionals at the helm
  • Quality is our first priority
  • Confidentiality of our clients is always respected

Maintenance Tips

They are set for the success of your new plant pallet with our knowledge of your area before we leave.

We do not warranty plants because home owners are responsible for “farming”

their own vegetation beyond our control after we leave. If you are concerned, send us a picture before adjusting systems.

Yellow leaves mean too much water has been applied. The plant is drowning.

Wilted leaves or weak stems mean the plant is dehydrated and needs more hydration. After re-hydrated a granular fertilizer may be needed for nutrients.

It is a hard surface exposed to outdoor elements and thus natural aging will occur. Tiny “surface” cracks will appear over time.  If they are large enough to hold a pencil they could be a structural issue and need evaluated.

All raw wood exposed to the elements, with the exception of composite materials like Trex, must be sun and water protected every 2-5 years depending on the product used. Protect your investment. It will not last without it.

*We do not provide this service but will happily refer you to our trusted colleague professionals for this maintenance.

Sprinklers should always be set to water within 30 minutes of sundown and/or sunrise.  This allows a homeowner to ensure the system is monitored to prevent excessive runoff and waste of water.  It allows the lawn to absorb the most amount of needed hydration without evaporation waste as well.

*Anderson Landscape is recognized by YNN & Austin American Statesman for being YOUR Austin Water Wise landscaping company.

Customer Feedback

Landscape Design Credits Available

A landscape design is not always needed on smaller projects where there isn’t ambiguity like a simple covered square patio with beds on 2 ends and a grill station on the 3rd. However, on large full scale projects with various elements in a variety of elevations and locations where walk ways and spacing is questioned, a landscape design is very valuable. It gives homeowners peace of mind to know exactly what the contractors are doing. It allows the landscaping contractor to work faster because everyone knows where we are going together. Anderson Landscape offers a 50% design credit back to our customers who purchased a 3D design upon completion of installation by Anderson Landscape.

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