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The dog days of Summer are coming on fast!

So the dog days of Summer are coming on fast in central Texas as we have all felt the past two weeks with our temps peeking at the three digits.  You’ve also probably noticed the areas of your property that can’t handle the ever increasing heat or maybe it’s the shade that is preventing the lawn from being thick and lush.  Either way were just a phone call away when you have your budget in place to resolve these issues for good.  With nearly two decades in the Austin area, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen.  We love to problem solve with home owners who enjoy using natural landscape techniques to solve natures problems.  Just like in the photo you see with this post.  This was a dead and barren area that just struggled because of very large and beautiful natural tree shade cover.  Why fight it? Instead let’s accent it.  We asked what the home owner would enjoy more than lawn in that area?  They loved Colorado creeks and streams and the sound of a babbling brook nearby.  DONE! And the best part is that other than the annual plants that the home owner chooses to change out annually for color changes, the rest will last forever.  Leaf blow twice a year and use a pool net to remove some leaf debris from the creek and yard work is done.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your shady oasis by Anderson Landscape. 512-577-2345

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