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What the…Water bill?!

So it’s been a year and you forgot how painful that summer water bill could be until this month when you opened it up or got the auto draft alert and said, “What the?! Did we buy Niagra Falls?”

Do yourself a favor.  Add up what you spend in lawn maintenance fees and the increase in water bills during the summer months and if you’ve really had enough,  maybe it’s time to look at a long term investment to eliminate both problems and buy back some peace of mind and give yourself some time to relax and enjoy your summer.  We are well known for doing water wise landscaping and have been featured on YNN and in th to include xeriscapes and Texas modified xeriscapes which are a beautiful blend of lawn islands with river rock or granite beds that meander around them and accentuate your favorite color pallets of trees or annual and/or perennial beds of color.  Everything easily maintained beautifully within local water restrictions and often on drip systems only.  Xeriscapes are typically a little bit more expensive to install than just vegetation landscaping but consider the longevity and the weight of the materials and labor involved.  The materials last forever, literally as rocks do not die and it does take more man power to initially install.  The benefit is you’ll be done with the large upkeep of tedious up keep in lawn maintenance bills as it usually only needs leaf blowing seasonally and fertilization annually. Those expenses will off set each other in a few seasons and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.  Remember quality landscaping is like granite counter tops over Formica. One ads value to the property and is sought after by buyers and worth the investment and the other is depreciating from the time of install and will need to be replaced before you sell and you’ll never get your money back that you spent on it. Every aspect of your home is an investment and we’ve spent our life building a reputation of quality in central Texas landscaping. We look forward to designing your dreamscape soon! 512-577-2345




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