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Austin Masonry Patios and hardscapes aren’t for weekend warriors

Austin Masonry Patios and hardscapes aren’t for weekend warriors. It’s not a hobby. It’s an art.

Our masons literally are generations of family in artisanry stone work. They have been part of the work family culture at Anderson Landscapes for 2 decades and we value their skill.  I ,Amy the office manager, often find myself having phone consultations with members of the community nearly daily explaining how pricing in our industry is established. Most specifically why we have an $8000 budget minimum requirement on clients we are able to work with. It’s because over 20 years our company has grown and the price of the actual hard goods involved is relatively stable in the industry but the skill our masons have is an art and if we discounted dramatically we would actually be discounting a humans workmanship. We choose not to do this. When you go to work, you know what you make an hour or salary and our staff deserve the exact same respect for their talents. We all know we love to find a great deal but there is also a valid price associated with the quality of a product or service that will stand the test of time and mother natures wrath.  We are never the cheapest nor are we the most expensive in town. We are however proud of providing great quality to Austin and central Texas home owners for their landscaping design and construction needs and we have done so with a clean conscience in the way we treat our staff and our customers.


Bring beautiful Austin outdoor masonry features to your lawn or property by working with the team here at Anderson Landscapes. We are one of the premier names in residential and commercial landscaping, providing comprehensive services that can overhaul properties to provide beauty, functionality and value.

We have Austin outdoor stone masonry experts on our team who will bring precision work to your project. Masonry work and hardscapes are a vital component when trying to make properties more useable. With Austin brick pavers, natural stone or a different material, we can custom create features such as:

• Walls: Whether you want a wall that is purely decorative, or your property requires a retaining wall in order to protect it from erosion, we can create something beautiful with our expertise in outdoor masonry in Austin TX.

• Walkways: You can make your property easily walkable with our outdoor stone masonry in Austin TX by creating walkways out of pavers or something else.

• Patios or pool decks: Our Austin outdoor masonry professionals can create useable surfaces throughout your property by using natural stone or brick pavers to create spacious patios. We can also overhaul your pool by bringing beautiful tile or stone to create a deck that is far superior to ordinary concrete.

No matter what your needs might be, our Austin outdoor stone masonry team is zeroed in on quality. We only take on projects that we know we can provide high-caliber, lasting work for. Our name and reputation is on the line — we don’t take this obligation to our clients lightly!

Talk to our team about your Austin outdoor masonry needs and how we can create something beautiful for your property. Thank you for considering Anderson Landscapes.


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