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While the corporate structure was filing bankruptcy the local area #Austin people were still making positive strides in our community. Do I have your gossip radars up yet? Not a chance! We aren’t talking about us crumbling. I’m talking about The Boy Scouts of America. Despite any negative news you may have read last week about their financial restructuring you missed the gold and the real heart of the organization. The local people are the heart and soul. There was a young man from Troop 410 right here in Austin that was working for his Eagle Scout. A very big deal people! For anyone who honors our military and understands it know this. Eagle Scout is so highly regarded that it is the only civilian honor that may be worn on a military uniform because of the dedication, fortitude and hard work to serve others that it takes to earn it. Now let me explain what this young man did for our entire community to enjoy to earn such an honor. Ty Childs designed and planted a wonderful pollinator garden at #zilker near the #AustinScienceNatureCenter. He had done some research and discovered that during our festivals #sxsw and #ACL the bees are disturbed by the noise and commotion of temporary construction and often leave permanently. This year he wanted them to find the perfect place to find safe harbor for years to come nearby where they still benefit our plants, gardens and native wildlife.
His task was not easy. It took leadership, hard work and a lot of community generosity to get the needed supplies. We were honored to be asked to support him with his endeavor. Thank you to all the others who were willing to help his as well.
Congratulations Ty Childs! You are one outstanding young leader for our future!

Here is a link where you can check out his journey. We encourage you to visit and watch the bees. From a safe distance of course.

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