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Tucked away in the hill country off 1431 between Lago Vista and Marble Falls is one of the most beautiful ranches in Texas. It’s not just beautiful because of the real estate but because of what they do with their real estate. This ranch provides an outdoor retreat to meet the needs of each visitor “rancher” or group of “ranchers” whether they have physical or mobility limitations, or mental or emotional challenges. It truly is beautiful in every aspect. The owners of the property had been searching for a company who could think out of the box for a very specific project.


Candlelight Ranch Foundation

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Marble Falls, TX

Project Description

They wanted a place called “Chilleville” created out of a natural wash on a gentle slope of land through some oaks that embodied a Colorado gold mining experience but utilized nothing but gravity caught water from natural watershed and was completely wheelchair accessible for all the visiting ranchers to be able to cool off in the summer heat. Our very own Chris, was exactly who Candlelight Ranch had been looking for. Having spent more that 30 summers worth of family vacations playing in the Colorado Rockies’ rivers and creeks panning for gold flakes himself from childhood until repeating the tradition with his own children, it was surely meant to be. Then the build was underway.

Project Challenges

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The natural watershed needed to be caught in a stainless steel tank that would then gravity feed the water elements that allow pull chain access for water to rain from the trees on the boardwalk below and also to fill the hand designed bolder creek for sleucing. Not only was this a huge water feature made with literally tons and tons of hardscaping but also a large sprawling boardwalk that had to be at the exact slopes for appropriate navigation for those with wheel chairs. This was no easy task but one well worth engineering into perfect summer giggles had by every child who visits chilleville in the 100 degree days of summer.

Project Result


The ribbon cutting was done on Earth Day and it was one of our proudest moments to be able to fulfill a need for such a valuable asset to our community. The smiles and pictures speak for themselves. Where there was once a barren gentle hill with an oak tree cluster, there now lives a babbling creek with raining trees, shaded benches and full slip proof access for children of all ages and abilities who visit this pristine ranch to play and pan for hidden treasures in the Chilleville creek of Candlelight Ranch.

Donations like yours allow projects like this to happen. Please connect with CandlelightRanch.org to support if you so feel inclined.

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